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What they wanted

There’s so much talk about creating a better planet for our kids, but not enough about creating better kids for our planet. Now, more than ever, food companies have a golden opportunity to be stewards of the environment and the health of future generations. What results from allowing children to consume unhealthy products goes far beyond the battle at the dinner table and into the child’s future; the long-term health complications children are likely to develop as a consequence of a poor diet are becoming increasingly apparent over time. Plastic pollution is also a big problem. Having become such an integrated part of our lives, we now live in an era of convenience wrapped in plastics.

So, in an effort to provide healthier, greener alternatives to kids’ best-loved food products, UK-based halo brand, Aglais, stepped up to the plate. Their aim was to educate younger audiences about the food they eat and inspire them to protect the planet all the while.

What we did

To help their audience transition away from the plague of plastics and artificial nasties, we created a brand identity that was visually stimulating and, from a verbal standpoint, could educate and inspire the younger demographic of whom the business is targeting; from the playful, charismatic tone-of-voice, to the charming illustrations and diverse colour palette.

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"I have really enjoyed working with the team at Ugly Media. They got the brief straight away in that I wanted an optimistic, fun and playful brand. I really believe that Aglais really stands out now in the crowd and that is thanks to the energy, dedication and commitment that the guys brought to the project. They have been fun to work with and massively responsive to urgent requests which is always a huge bonus. If you want a modern and refreshing response to your brief, then Ugly Media should definitely be considered."

Natalie Fowler, Founder