Case Study

Customer Stack

Brand Identity | Copy & Messaging | Tone of Voice

What they wanted

With the high street closed and a sudden surge of new and existing businesses shifting the focus online in the wake of the Covid pandemic, the biggest threat to commerce is the customer experience. That personalised customer-retailer interaction, which used to enrich our high-street shopping experience, is seemingly lost in a digital space awash with robotic responses and ill-considered solutions, causing long-term damage to the reputation of businesses big and small.

Customer Stack sought to address the failings of its industry competitors by providing a best-in-class support system that could allow merchants to nurture their customers from the very moment they become customers. And with market-leading ambitions for success and satisfaction in the world of online shopping, they needed a fresh, revolutionary identity that could welcome the next generation of e-commerce retailers with open arms.

What we did

We deliberately steered the company away from the traditionally vapid makeup of existing customer help desks by creating a futuristic, ultra-modern brand identity, engaging tone of voice and messaging, inspired by the founders’ forward-thinking approach to business.

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