Case Study


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What they wanted

Industry-leaders poq are a UK-turned-international SaaS startup championing mobile app commerce over website commerce in the emergent handheld revolution for retail shopping.

Poq’s exciting innovations in technology, which work collectively to deliver joyful, personalised shopping experiences for its users, felt marred by the uninspiring look and feel of their existing branding, which was characterised by a flat colour palette and random hexagonal “garnishes”; they needed a more unified identity for the company, one which gives purpose to pattern and form and allows the business of mobile app software to appear much more accessible.

What we did

Although we were under strict instruction to “not make too many wholesale changes”, we started by shortening the length of the ‘p’ and ‘q’ on the original ‘poq’ logo and narrowing the kerning between the letters. By bringing all of the elements together, the new logo appears less divided and offers a greater sense of connectivity as a result.

Colour also became hugely important to Poq as they looked to shed their existing skin, so we introduced three new colour palettes complete with a combination of both vibrant tones and pastel shades. While ‘Navy’ and ‘Mint’ were adopted as the core colour combination, the introduction of ‘Amaranth’ and ‘Misty Rose’ was an attempt to deliberately move the company away from the more masculine undertones of tech that most within this field are associated with.

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"The Ugly team has helped us establish a fresh new brand image that is more inline with our positioning and values as a company. As a growing tech business we appreciate both the flexibility and professionalism in which they work with us, becoming a true extension of our team. They exude capability, creativity and confidence, with the ability to communicate and work with stakeholders at all levels."

Helen Slaven, Chief Revenue Officer